Central Denmark EU Office

A Danish regional office in Brussels

Central Denmark EU Office – the Central Danish gateway to the EU

At Central Denmark EU Office, we work hard to make sure that the Central Denmark Region along with
its 19 municipalities, Aarhus University and VIA University College play an active part in the EU, thus
maximizing the outcome of the many opportunities that the EU-cooperation presents.

We have brought home close to 100 million euros in funding

We facilitate collaboration between Central Danish institutions and their counterparts abroad in order to
boost innovation and cooperation across borders. Furthermore, since 2007, we have helped to bring home close to 100 million euros in EU-funding to directly benefit enterprises, organizations and higher learning institutions in the Central Denmark Region. But funding is just one side of the successful story.

Networking is key

From our office in the heart of Brussels, we continue to expand and deepen our network within the EU,
thereby staying updated on the newest developments regarding e.g. EU-funding and structural changes
that might influence a given area of policy. In this way, we can help all of our collaborators in Central Denmark gain that all-important early knowledge that is often essential when wanting to seek funding or find the right European partners.

We help companies and institutions to make their voice heard

Two of the founders behind CAPSULE while visiting Brussels: From the left Nadia Wabra and Nanna Hejndorf

We also help Central Danish companies and institutions to make their voice heard in the EU, thereby hopefully inspiring others.

In the spring of 2022, two of the female founders behind the Central Danish start-up CAPSULE were invited to Brussels to speak about being a female entrepreneur in tech at a European conference on entrepreneurship and skills,

You can read the whole story on the link right here:
CAPSULE: Female entrepreneurs went to Brussels to inspire others.

Our door is always open

We very regularly welcome visitor’s groups wishing to learn more about the EU and our work for Central
Denmark abroad, leading to hundreds of visitors at our Brussels office each year from a wide range of
higher education institutions, municipalities and organisations.

If you would like to get in touch, you will find the contact info of all of our consultantes right here.

Map of the Central Denmark Region with its 19 municipalities. Credit: The Central Denmark Region, www.rm.dk

A little geography

The Central Danish region comprises the central part of Jutland from coast to coast and is home to
Aarhus, which is the second largest city in Denmark.

Key areas of work within the Central Denmark Region

Central Denmark is a very diverse region with focus on innovation, healthcare, education, food, research,
energy, environment and culture. The Central Denmark EU Office has teams and advisers dedicated to
each of these areas, thereby ensuring that we always have the necessary expertise on hand to help the
Central Denmark region benefit from the EU-collaboration.